Our History

Our History






Alsancak Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital was established in the city center of Izmir. It serves as three blocks on an area of 7.112 square meters.


  A BLOCK: A block known as the French Hospital was built in 1907 by the French in 1857 expanded its building in 1907 and served as the French Hospital for many years. The hospital was allocated to the Ministry of Health.

Between 1978 and 1986, respectively, Traffic and Traumatology Hospital, Elderly Disease Hospital, Public Health Center and Health Directorate of the facility serving on July 1, 1996 by the intensive request of the people. Hospital and chapel have been registered by the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board and are protected by the centuries-old palms in the garden.


  B BLOCK: It was built in 1935 and it is known to be one of the first reinforced concrete buildings in the Republican period.

There is no exact information about the construction date of the chapel building adjacent to the B Block.


  C BLOK: The construction was started by the Hospital Assistance and Survival Association, the construction was completed by the Ministry and partially completed and later it was opened in 1996 by the charitable businessman Salih İşgören. The bed capacity of the hospital has been increased to 200 and its name has been changed to Alsancak Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital and it currently has a capacity of 155 beds.